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  • ADASS 2011 - Day 1

    ...nami? Delivering Montage - portable by design: ANSI-compliant C - image mosaic engine work-flow.Pegaus work-flow management system,Uses DAGMan, a workflow engine and talks to condor sc...

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  • Wf4Ever

    Venkat and Tony heard a talk from someone on this project at the Portugal workshop. From the Wf4Ever Website: Wf4Ever addresses some of the biggest challenges for the preservation of scientific workflows in data intensive science, including: (a) the consideration of complex digital objects that...

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  • Comment on "Wf4Ever"

    Jose Thanks for posting this info. I have now signed up for the IVOA workflow mailing list. Note I will be heading off on holidays at the end of next week for a month so I might be out of touch for a while. Cameron

    2929 days ago

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    Hi all for those interested in the discussions about workflows in a VO context, you can subscribe to the following IVOA mailing list: Cheers

    2932 days ago

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