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  • Automated Source Finding - SAD

    ...In the Stokes I image, some 489 sources were found down to a detectio...e algorithms). Comparison of the sources detected with the NVSS With...ACTS fluxes are in K). 469 of the sources are matched within the beam....f Q/I, U/I with frequency for all sources found with SAD.  

    4079 days ago

  • Automated Source Finding - Duchamp

    ...sed can be found here). Some 284 sources were found in the I image, th...false detections (e.g. one of the sources is the whole milky way, and a...) Polarization Properties of the sources. From this source list the p...; Source 99 (one of the brightest sources at 11.88K) also shows a possi...

    4087 days ago

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  • Clustered Radio Interferometric Calibration interferometric calibration of sources below the noise level. The ma...y the information of the stronger sources' measured signals as a plug-i...ntroids mainly near the strongest sources, assuming that the signals of...are assigned to all the cluster's sources. An illustrative example reve...

    3790 days ago

  • Galaxy Cluster Environments of Radio Sources

    ...ronments around double-lobed radio sources. Previous studies have shown that multi-component radio sources exhibiting some degree of ben...bent and straight multi-component sources. This led to the discovery an...ents around single-component radio sources and find that single-componen...

    4086 days ago

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  • SKA Calim 2011 - Day 2

    ...m separately for each field - decided the cal sources were noise. Fringe Fitting (...s and peeling is this is simultaneous for all sources. Pointing slef cal doesn't se...part does flagging and substraction of bright sources. Global sky model used to pro...

    3734 days ago

  • ADASS 2011 - Day 3

    ...ence, google...Survey based and driven astronomy, lots of data and many parameters measures, so the data complexity is larger. (plot of number of sources versus data complexity) - thi...

    3628 days ago

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  • PHISCC RFI working Group
    • open group
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    PHISCC RFI working Group

    This group combines and supports all RFI mitigation efforts for the SKA pathfinders and precursors


  • Automated Source Finding - Duchamp

    Here are some initial results of automated source finding with the GALFACTS dataset. The Duchamp source finding software has been run on the GALFACTS C-field 13 Jul 2010 Release. I have completed some preliminary source finding in the C-field 13 Jul 2010 Release with Duchamp. This is for a media...

    Tags: galfacts, cfield, igalfa, sources, source finding

    4087 days ago

  • Source Properties

    Here are some initial results and analysis of automated source finding with this GALFACTS dataset. 

    Tags: galfacts, cfield, igalfa, sources, source finding

    4083 days ago

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