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  • Source Properties

    Here are some initial results and analysis of automated source finding with this GALFACTS dataset. 

    4135 days ago

  • Automated Source Finding - Duchamp

    ...initial results of automated source finding with the GALFACTS dataset. The Duchamp source finding software has been run on completed some preliminary source finding in the C-field 13 Jul 2010 R...Source 107: a source with rotation....

    4139 days ago

  • Automated Source Finding - SAD

    Having looked at the C-field 13 Jul 2010 Release with Duchamp and...the Stokes I image, some 489 sources were found down to a detecti...gorithms). Comparison of the sources detected with the NVSS linear relationship in the source fluxes (note: GALFACTS fluxes...

    4131 days ago

  • GALFACTS /POSSUM Meeting - August 2010 Polarization of Galaxies - Jeroen Stil Polarization Stacking and Source Counts - Sam George Diffuse...WG1: Simulations and Imaging (Taylor, O'Sullivan and Willis) WG2: Source Finding (Stil) WG3: Survey Strategy...

    3401 days ago

  • 12 January 2011

    We were given a few hours of time to test the 32 MHz full polarization mode, since to t...ata2.  This has to be run four times for each sources with rfi_clipexpr set to has been made since 1549_506 is an unpolarized source...

    3979 days ago

  • Instructions for Remote Observing (**Updated for N2**)

    Remote A2130 Observing  (Commensal Observing with TOGS2) Important: The project h...we hope the telescope has made it to the starting source point (should be called some...OR (b) the main survey plus the set of calibrator sources...

    3235 days ago