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  • CALIM 2010: 5th SKA Workshop on Calibration and Imaging

    The CALIM series of workshops focuses on progress in algorithms, software and computing aimed at solving the challenges in calibration and imaging requirements of the SKA, its pathfinders and other major new radio telescopes such as EVLA, ALMA, LOFAR, ASKAP, MeerKAT, MWA, LWA, and eMERLIN.

    Tags: workshop, calibration, imaging, ska

    4723 days ago

  • A LOFAR RFI detection pipeline and its first results

    Radio astronomy is entering a new era with new and future radio observatories such as the Low Frequency Array and the Square Kilometer Array. We describe in detail an automated flagging pipeline and evaluate its performance. With only a fraction of the computational cost of correlation and its us...

    Tags: rfi, lofar, ska, sumthreshold, arxiv

    4638 days ago

  • All-Digital Wideband Space-Frequency Beamforming for the SKA Aperture Array

    In this paper, we consider the problem of optimum multi-domain real-time beamforming and high-precision beam pattern positioning in application to very large wideband array antennas, particularly to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) aperture array antenna. We present a new structure for wideband s...

    Tags: beamforming, ska

    4597 days ago

  • Probing the first galaxies with the SKA

    Observations of anisotropies in the brightness temperature of the 21 cm line of neutral hydrogen from the period before reionization would shed light on the dawn of the first stars and galaxies. In this paper, we use large-scale semi-numerical simulations to analyse the imprint on the 21 cm signa...

    Tags: cosmology, extragalactic astrophysics, arxiv, ska, galaxies

    4583 days ago

  • Radio Observations of HD 80606 Near Planetary Periastron

    This paper reports Very Large Array observations at 325 and 1425 MHz (90cm and 20cm) during and near the periastron passage of HD 80606b on 2007 November 20. We obtain flux density limits (3-sigma) of 1.7 mJy and 48 microJy at 325 and 1425 MHz, respectively, equivalent to planetary luminosity lim...

    Tags: planets, ska, low frequency, evla

    4533 days ago

  • Pulsars with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder

    The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) is a 36-element array with a 30-square-degree field of view being built at the proposed SKA site in Western Australia. We are conducting a Design Study for pulsar observations with ASKAP, planning both timing and search observations. We pro...

    Tags: askap, ska, pulsars

    4482 days ago