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  • Realistic Simulations of the Galactic Polarized Foreground: Consequences for 21-cm Reionization Detection Experiments

    Experiments designed to measure the redshifted 21~cm line from the Epoch of Reionization (EoR) are challenged by strong astrophysical foreground contamination, ionospheric distortions, complex instrumental response and other different types of noise (e.g. radio frequency interference). The astrop...

    Tags: polarization, eor, simulations, galactic polarized foreground, 21-cm, reionization, mnras, arxiv

    4627 days ago

  • AstroGrid-D: Grid Technology for Astronomical Science

    We present status and results of AstroGrid-D, a joint effort of astrophysicists and computer scientists to employ grid technology for scientific applications. AstroGrid-D provides access to a network of distributed machines with a set of commands as well as software interfaces. It allows simple u...

    Tags: data analysis, image processing, robotic telescopes, simulations, grid. arxiv, new astronomy, databases

    4626 days ago