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  • Hydrogen 21-cm Intensity Mapping at redshift 0.8

    Observations of 21-cm radio emission by neutral hydrogen at redshifts z ~ 0.5 to ~ 2.5 are expected to provide a sensitive probe of cosmic dark energy. This is particularly true around the onset of acceleration at z ~ 1, where traditional optical cosmology becomes very difficult because of the in...

    Tags: nature, cosmology, extragalactic astrophysics, 21cm, radio, hydrogen

    4455 days ago

  • FERO: Finding Extreme Relativistic Objects. I. Statistics of Relativistic Fe Kalpha lines in Radio-Quiet Type 1 AGN

    Accretion models predict that fluorescence lines broadened by relativistic effects should arise from reflection of X-ray emission onto the inner region of the accretion disc surrounding the central black hole of active galactic nuclei (AGN). The theory behind the origin of relativistic lines is w...

    Tags: high energy astrophysical phenomena, xray, agn, xmm, radio, arxiv, a&a

    4448 days ago

  • Evolution of the far-infrared–radio correlation and infrared spectral energy distributions of massive galaxies over z= 0–2

    We investigate the far-infrared–radio correlation (FRC) of stellar-mass-selected galaxies in the Extended Chandra Deep Field-South using far-infrared (FIR) imaging from Spitzer and radio imaging from the Very Large Array and Giant Metre-Wave Radio Telescope. We stack in redshift bins to pro...

    Tags: stacking, infrared, radio

    4372 days ago

  • Modelling the radio pulses of an ultracool dwarf

    Recently unanticipated magnetic activity in ultracool dwarfs (UCDs, spectral classes later than M7) have emerged from a number of radio observations. The highly (up to 100%) circularly polarized nature and high brightness temperature of the emission has been interpreted as an effective amplificat...

    Tags: arxiv, a&a, solar and stellar astrophysics, ucds, brown dwards, tvlm513, xray, radio

    4405 days ago

  • Non-Thermal Radio Emission from Late B and Early A-type Magnetically Peculiar Stars

    The Magnetic Chemically Peculiar star CU Virginis (A0Vp) has shown unusual variations in its rotational period and has also recently been discovered to be radio variable, showing two short period bursts of emission per (0.52 days) rotation period. These bursts have been attributed to electron cyc...

    Tags: stars, non-thermal emission, radio, mcp

    4343 days ago

  • Extended sources from deep GMRT 150 MHz observations

    We present results of deep 150 MHz observations with the GMRT which show several extended radio sources with a range of morphologies. These sources have then further followed up at higher frequencies (610 and 1400 MHz) with the GMRT. GMRT J0137+4121 was a candidate double--double radio galaxy for...

    Tags: radio, gmrt, vla, giant radio galaxy

    4343 days ago

  • A Deep 150 MHz GMRT Survey in Eridanus

    We present results of a 150 MHz survey of a field centered on Epsilon Eridani, undertaken with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT). The survey covers an area with a diameter of 2 deg, has a spatial resolution of 30" and a noise level of 3.1 mJy at the pointing centre. These observations pr...

    Tags: gmrt, 150, nvss, vlss, 7c, radio, eps eri

    4343 days ago

  • Radio Emission From Exoplanets

    We present results from new low frequency observations of two extrasolar planetary systems (ε Eridani and HD128311) taken at 150 MHz with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT). We do not detect either system, but are able to place tight upper limits on their low frequency radio emiss...

    Tags: radio, exoplanets, gmrt

    4343 days ago


    LOFAR User Guide: The Framework Pulsar Pipeline Pulp, Version 1.0 Introduction: This document is version 1.0 of the LOFAR User Guide for the LOFAR framework pulsar pipeline, known colloquially as ‘pulp’. This User Guide provides general instruction to help users establish...

    Tags: radio, lofar, ska, pipelines, documentation, pulsar

    4257 days ago