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  • Ingrid Stairs

    About Me: I'm a professor at UBC-Vancouver, specializing in observations of radio pulsars -- both searching for new on...ent, supervision of AI training for this survey, lots of observing) and pulsars with CHIME (on CyberSKA), NA...

    796 days ago

  • Patrick Lazarus

    About Me: Researcher at McGill University working on the Pulsar-ALFA survey. My responsibilities include writing an automated pipeline for searching survey data and some follow up of discovered pulsars.

    2226 days ago

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  • Pulsar Signal Processing

    ...iversity are working on design of pulsar observing strategies and the...rapid time variable signals from pulsars.  The SKA will have the...all of the tens of thousands of pulsar systems in the Milky Way Gala...iming of signals from an array of pulsars will provide our most sensit...

    4455 days ago

  • Links

    AO ( ( Canada ( ( groups making up consortium?)

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  • The LOFAR Known Pulsar Data Pipeline

    Transient radio phenomena and pulsars are one of six LOFAR Key Science Pr.... As part of the Transients KSP, the Pulsar Working Group (PWG) has been developing the LOFAR Pulsar Data Pipelines to both study...tectures. We present the LOFAR Known Pulsar Data Pipeline overview, the p...

    4181 days ago

  • Detection of Jet-like Radio Emission Associated to Geminga

    ...Array observation of the Geminga pulsar field led to the discovery, a...X-ray axial tail ascribed to the pulsar wind nebula recently discover...ion in the frames of both shocked pulsar wind collimated by the ram pr...sible due to the proximity of the pulsar and its radio-quiet nature, n...

    4103 days ago

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  • SKA Calim 2011 - Day 2

    ...bserve small rotation measure values but get great resolution. e uses FFT based synthesis, from u,v,lambda cube to ra, dec,lamba cube.output for a pulsar gives RM of -61 when should b...

    3951 days ago

  • ADASS 2011 - Day 1

    ...nt with the help of GPUs (Ben Barsdell)High time resolution universe (HTRU) survey - uses the Parkes 64m radio telescope. Goal is two discover new pulsars and radio transients, 400 MH...

    3847 days ago




  • PALFA Survey Group

    PALFA Survey Group

    The PALFA Consortium is an international collaboration working on a large scale survey of the Galactic Plane for radio pulsars using the 305-m radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and its 7-beam ALFA (Arecibo L-band Feed Array) receiver.

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    3354 days ago


    LOFAR User Guide: The Framework Pulsar Pipeline Pulp, Version 1.0 Introduction: This document is version 1.0 of the LOFAR User Guide for the LOFAR framework pulsar pipeline, known colloquially as ‘pulp’. This User Guide provides general instruction to help users establish...

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    4123 days ago