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  • Source Properties

    Here are some initial results and analysis of automated source finding with this GALFACTS dataset. 

    3260 days ago

  • Automated Source Finding - SAD

    Having looked at the C-field 13 J...the Stokes I image, some 489 sources were found down to a detecti...gorithms). Comparison of the sources detected with the NVSS linear relationship in the source fluxes (note: GALFACTS fluxes...plots of Q/I vs U/I for all sources found with SAD. and plots o...

    3256 days ago

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  • we are on source and observing nicely. 2 antennas are giving bad phases.

    2713 days ago


  • ADASS 2011 - Day 3

    ...complexity is larger. (plot of number of sources versus data complexity) -...tool1980 - s was developed in c. R is an open source version, it mimic S is an open source system - users can provi...1 km**3They use RapidMiner  - open source Java data mining environment....

    2805 days ago

  • ADASS 2011 - Day 0

    ...-sort data. List of CUDA libraries: (unless said they are free).cuFFT cuBLAS - dense linear algbracuSPAREScuRAND - RNGsNPPThrust (open source)Magma - LAPACK (open source)CULA - LAPACK, expensivelibJa...

    2808 days ago

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  • BigBlueButton

    An open source Web conferencing tool.

    Tags: open source, web conferencing, screen sharing, video

    2982 days ago

  • OpenConext

    OpenConext is an OpenSource technology stack for creating and running Collaboration platforms. It uses technologies from Federated Identity Management, as is available in Research and Educational Access Federations, Group management and OpenSocial Social Networking Technology. The aim of the s...

    Tags: collaboration, portal, open social, gadgets, open source, federated identity

    2981 days ago

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