A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

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  • Ingrid Stairs

    About Me: ...ees on this project; supervision of AI development and training; some observing and candidate scrutiny), and student, supervision of AI training for this survey, lots of observing) and pulsars with CHIME (on C...

    628 days ago

  • Victoria Kaspi

    About Me: .... Interface with CyberSKA app development via Sequence. Supervision of McGill-based PALFA members and their science projects.  Occasional PALFA observing, hopefully more science! GBN...

    37 days ago

  • Jason Hessels

    About Me: PALFA Tier 1 activities: Observation management and planning.  Interfacing with commensal observing partners (ZOA/RRL).  Observing.  Follow-up with Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (and potentially LOFAR?).

    392 days ago