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  • Pulsar Signal Processing

    Teams at the University of British Columbia and McGill University are working on design of pulsar observing strategies and the time-based data acquisition and processing techniques to...

    4287 days ago

  • January 2007 Project Meeting

    ...kground by Patrick Leahy GALFA-HI Survey & Science  by Joshua Peek and Carl Heiles Large Scale Stokes-I Science by Chris Salter Observing Plan by Russ Taylor Pro...

    4161 days ago

  • Instructions for Remote Observing (**Updated for N2**)

    Remote A2130 Observing  (Commensal Observing with TOGS2) Important: The pr...nbsp;    1.0 Before Observing  Important: The passwor...dquo;. This should open a CIMA observing session setup window, in whic...ching: CIMA Main Menu, under "Observing modes": select Command File...

    3231 days ago

  • 12 January 2011

    ...will be a good obervation to derive the polarized flux density of 3C286 at 610 MHz and to test the polarization calibration process in casa. Observing log file listscan log file (...

    3975 days ago