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  • 12 January 2011

    ...ode, since to this point it has never actually been used for science observations.  I set up an observatio...thinks that there are 32 antennas.  casa listobs file The observations were taken at 581 MHz (channe...

    3907 days ago

  • Pulsar Signal Processing

    ...thousands of pulsar systems in the Milky Way Galaxy that are beamed toward the Earth, including pulsar-black hole binary systems.  These observations will have the potential to le...

    4219 days ago

  • Instructions for Remote Observing (**Updated for N2**)

    ...he Telescope Schedule to determine when the observations begin. However during sign in...e you will need that to log in to start the observations. For nights where A2130 immed...ents to connect”. 3  Restarting Observations in case something goes wrong...

    3163 days ago