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  • CyberSKA Portal Release Notes - v1.3.2 - October 14, 2011

    ...ages. Mime types for FITS and measurement set (CASA) images as well as...ed by the portal. Measurement sets can be uploaded as .tar or .tar.gz f...v0.9.0 - support for FITS and measurement set (CASA) images as well as...surement set visibility data measurement sets can be uploaded as .tar or .t...

    3956 days ago

  • ADASS 2011 - Day 2   Modeling physical quantities, measurement sets and theoriesA data model provides do...concepts - it characterizes a family of datasets, it is an instance of a met-m...s constraints - with custom codes needed. A measurement set is a set of concre...

    3932 days ago

  • Portal release v1.5.0

      CyberSKA Portal Release Notes – v1.5.0 – more information when viewing polorization data sets. A new tool has been added th...ailable when visualizing   polarization data sets:     - z-prof...

    3524 days ago

  • SKA Calim 2011 - Day 2

    ..._Page- the mean time to crash will be something like 1 day and it will be too expensive to write out the save state! Expect to move away from measurement sets. Recent Widefield Wideband i...

    4037 days ago

  • ADASS 2011 - Day 1

    Accelerating the rate of astronomical discovery GPU-enabled clustersIncentive to keep Remote Visualization of Large Multidimensional Radioastronomy Data Setscyberska project, to develop a...

    3933 days ago