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  • Average leakage cubes for S0311+307 (WAPPS)

    Average leakage cubes for S0311+307 (WAPPS)This compressed archive includes all beams and U/Ipeak, Q/Ipeak, V/Ipeak - for an averaged map.

    Tags: GALFACTS, calibration, polarization, leakage

    3785 days ago

  • S0206+330 beam images

    MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM0_0150_1949_QIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM0_0150_1949_UIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM0_0150_1949_VIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM1_0150_1949_QIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM1_0150_1949_UIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM1_0...

    Tags: galfacts, calibration, mock, leakage, fits

    4591 days ago