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  • 12 January 2011

    ...bvious rfi visible in viewer was pretty much all detected and flagged and not much else was touched. Polarization Leakage Ran the data through gmrtcalib to derive polarization leakage using 1549+506.  Here ar...

    4396 days ago

  • Automated Source Finding - Duchamp

    ...for each channel (note this is without background subtraction). This gives us an indication of the polarization of the source and to see how the leakage corrections are working. A PD...

    4557 days ago


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  • Next -steps in Correction for polarization leakage

    ...ok for correction to polarization leakage for the release of the field...tion of the polarization data for leakage from I.   The only stric...s is to convolve the polarization leakage beam patterns for each of the...ected data set. The polarization leakage beam patterns can be derived...

    3125 days ago

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  • Average leakage cubes for S0311+307 (WAPPS)

    Average leakage cubes for S0311+307 (WAPPS)This compressed archive includes all beams and U/Ipeak, Q/Ipeak, V/Ipeak - for an averaged map.

    Tags: GALFACTS, calibration, polarization, leakage

    3728 days ago

  • S0206+330 beam images

    MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM0_0150_1949_QIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM0_0150_1949_UIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM0_0150_1949_VIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM1_0150_1949_QIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM1_0150_1949_UIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM1_0...

    Tags: galfacts, calibration, mock, leakage, fits

    4534 days ago