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  • Trumpeting the Vuvuzela: UltraDeep HI observations with MeerKAT

    The MeerKAT UltraDeep HI Survey aims to observe the 21 cm emission line of neutral hydrogen gas out to a redshift of z=1 and beyond. From both direct detections and stacked signal, we will address the HI mass function, the cosmic neutral gas density of the Universe (Omega_HI) and their evolution ...

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    4627 days ago

  • Title: Galaxy evolution begins at home: GALFA, EVLA, and GASKAP

    While studies of galaxy evolution generally focus on extensive HI surveys at large redshifts, we argue in this paper that the understanding of detailed physical processes that drive HI evolution in galaxies is equally important. Specifically, we focus on three open questions regarding the very fi...

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    4590 days ago

  • Progress with the LOFAR Imaging Pipeline

    One of the science drivers of the new Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) is large-area surveys of the low-frequency radio sky. Realizing this goal requires automated processing of the interferometric data, such that fully calibrated images are produced by the system during survey operations. The LOFAR I...

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    4592 days ago