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  • GAMER with out-of-core computation

    GAMER is a GPU-accelerated Adaptive-MEsh-Refinement code for astrophysical simulations. In this work, two further extensions of the code are reported. First, we have implemented the MUSCL-Hancock method with the Roe's Riemann solver for the hydrodynamic evolution, by which the accuracy, overall p...

    Tags: gpu, instrumentation, methods

    4633 days ago

  • Study of electromagnetic backgrounds in the 25-300 MHz frequency band at the South Pole

    Extensive air showers are detectable by radio signals with a radio surface detector. A promising theory of the dominant emission process is the coherent synchrotron radiation emitted by e+ e- shower particles in the Earth's magnetic field (geosynchrotron effect). A radio air shower detector can e...

    Tags: instrumentation, methods, arxiv

    4633 days ago