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  • Bob Este

    About Me: Bob Este is: • Project Manager for the Cyber-SKA project • Business Development Officer for the Institute for Space Imaging Science (ISIS) at the University of Calgary • Canadian R...

    3246 days ago

  • Christian Smith

    About Me: I am a Computer Scientist for the Institute of Space Imaging Science (ISIS) at the University of Calgary.

    119 days ago

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  • Contact CyberSKA Lead PI:Russ TaylorDirector, Institute for Space Imaging Science, University of Calgar...oject ManagerBob EsteBusiness Development Officer, Institute for Space Imaging Science, University of Calgar...

    4100 days ago

  • Phased Array Feed Systems

    By forming multiple instantaneous "beams" on the sky, phased-array feed systems mounted on parabolic relfectors offer the possibility of imaging very large fields of view.  The...

    4338 days ago

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  • SKA Calim 2011 - Day 3

    ...ster, UK. Day 3 Warped snapshot imaging for low-frequency dipole arra...07.1912 - discussion of real time imaging in comparison to the offline...ocessor, based on warped-snapshot imaging. Interesting discussion of th...s & Cornwell (SKA memo 132). Imaging using the GPU (Vamsi Krishna&...

    3829 days ago

  • SKA Calim 2011 - Day 2

    ...genvalue decomposition, so like principle componenet analysis. LOFAR: Imaging Pipeline and MSSS (George Hea...utines.  For a 6 hour observation the demixing takes ~5hrs. LOFAR imaging cookbook - TAKE A LOOK. LOFA...

    3829 days ago

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  • GALFACTS: The G-ALFA Continuum Transit Survey

    ...on the Arecibo telescope to carry out an imaging spectro-polarimetric survey o...ged sensitivity of 90 uJy, allowing sensitive imaging of polarized radiation a...ACTS will be a major observational advance in imaging of the polarized radiation fr...

    3823 days ago

  • Probing magnetic fields with GALFACTS

    ...ven-beam focal plane feed array receiver system (ALFA) to carry out an imaging survey project of the 12,700....5' with a band-averaged sensitivity of 90 $\mu$Jy, allowing sensitive imaging of polarized radiation and Fa...

    3708 days ago