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  • SKA Calim 2011 - Day 1

    ...c.f. Cornwell et al. arxiv:0807.4161. Good fit for warped snapshots. Use GPU correlator solution in their...e system. 32 IBM serves (x2x6 Xeon X5650, 2.66GHz, 2x NVIDIA Tesla Fermi GPU) - embarrassingly parallel -...

    3826 days ago

  • SKA Calim 2011 - Day 3

    ...on of the future Nvidia cards and how much power the correlator will use (MW). How todo optimal imaging. Fast W-Projection Gridding on GPUs (John Romein) - use GPUs to get lots of FLOPS - avoid...

    3827 days ago

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  • Analysing Astronomy Algorithms for GPUs and Beyond

    Astronomy depends on ever increasing computing power. Processor clock-rates have plateaued, and increased performance is now appearing in the form of additional processor cores on a single chip. This poses significant challenges to the astronomy software community. Graphics Processing Units (GPUs...

    Tags: data structures and algorithms, arxiv, mnras, clean, gpu, graphics processing units

    4205 days ago

  • Fast Calculation of the Lomb-Scargle Periodogram Using Graphics Processing Units

    I introduce a new code for fast calculation of the Lomb-Scargle periodogram, that leverages the computing power of graphics processing units (GPUs). After establishing a background to the newly emergent field of GPU computing, I discuss the code design and narrate the key parts of the source. Ben...

    Tags: instrumentation and methods for astrophysics, arxiv, apj, gpu, monte-carlo simulation, periodogram

    4205 days ago

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