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  • Samuel George

    Tags: magnetic fields in galaxies, cosmic evolution of magnetic fields, polarization statistics of distant galaxies, low-frequency radio emission, high dynamic-range, wide-field, broad-band, full-stokes imaging, gmrt, source finding, python, php, ivo

    2874 days ago

  • GMRT Deep Polarization Field

    GMRT Deep Polarization Field

    A project to carry out a deep spectro-polarimteric mosaic imaging survey of ELAIS N1 at 610 MHz using the GMRT and the new software correlator.   This project complements the EVLA Deep Polarization Field that will observe the same region of the sky at 5 GHz.

    Tags: polarization, gmrt

    4111 days ago

  • 12 January 2011

    We were given a few hours of time to test the 32 MHz full polarization mode, since to this point it has never actually been used for science observations.  I set up an observation of 3C286 and our polarization calibrator 1549+506.  If all went well this will be a good obervation to deri...

    Tags: gmrt

    4278 days ago

  • Extended sources from deep GMRT 150 MHz observations

    We present results of deep 150 MHz observations with the GMRT which show several extended radio sources with a range of morphologies. These sources have then further followed up at higher frequencies (610 and 1400 MHz) with the GMRT. GMRT J0137+4121 was a candidate double--double radio galaxy for...

    Tags: radio, gmrt, vla, giant radio galaxy

    4343 days ago

  • A Deep 150 MHz GMRT Survey in Eridanus

    We present results of a 150 MHz survey of a field centered on Epsilon Eridani, undertaken with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT). The survey covers an area with a diameter of 2 deg, has a spatial resolution of 30" and a noise level of 3.1 mJy at the pointing centre. These observations pr...

    Tags: gmrt, 150, nvss, vlss, 7c, radio, eps eri

    4343 days ago

  • Radio Emission From Exoplanets

    We present results from new low frequency observations of two extrasolar planetary systems (ε Eridani and HD128311) taken at 150 MHz with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT). We do not detect either system, but are able to place tight upper limits on their low frequency radio emiss...

    Tags: radio, exoplanets, gmrt

    4343 days ago

  • polarization solutions for 3C286 for test obs on 12 January 2011

    This is after correction for absolute position angle (R-L phase) using 3C286 itself. upper left = Stokes I, upper right = Stokes Q,  lower right = Stokes U,  lower left = Stokes V.

    Tags: gmrt

    3609 days ago