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  • 12 January 2011

    ...its.  This does not apply the on-line flags, but when I tried importgmrt and specified the flag file,...d not much else was touched. Polarization Leakage Ran the data through gmrtcalib to derive polarization l...

    3570 days ago


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  • after a slight mishap with cabs is sat in the GMRT control room and ready for some deep polarization imaging.

    3180 days ago





  • Samuel George

    Tags: magnetic fields in galaxies, cosmic evolution of magnetic fields, polarization statistics of distant galaxies, low-frequency radio emission, high dynamic-range, wide-field, broad-band, full-stokes imaging, gmrt, source finding, python, php, ivo

    2167 days ago

  • GMRT Deep Polarization Field

    GMRT Deep Polarization Field

    A project to carry out a deep spectro-polarimteric mosaic imaging survey of ELAIS N1 at 610 MHz using the GMRT and the new software correlator.   This project complements the EVLA Deep Polarization Field that will observe the same region of the sky at 5 GHz.

    Tags: polarization, gmrt

    3404 days ago

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