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  • Automated Source Finding - Duchamp

    ...he NVSS and GALFACTS:   (PDF version) Stokes I Comparison with GB6.  ...have matched the list of sources produced from Duchamp with that of the GB6. I have not converted the uni...

    3909 days ago

  • Automated Source Finding - SAD

    ...Version (old version) Source fluxes: PDF Version (old version) Comparison of the sources detected with the GB6 The same comparison as above was completed but with the GB6 catalogue, some 353 sources a...

    3900 days ago



  • Radiogalaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: spectral index-environment correlations

    We analyze optical and radio properties of radiogalaxies detected in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). The sample of radio sources are selected from the catalogue of Kimball & Ivezi\'c (2008) with flux densities at 325, 1400 and 4850 MHz, using WENSS, NVSS and GB6 radio surveys and from fl...

    Tags: sdss, wenss, nvss, uss, alpha, spectral index, gb6

    3932 days ago

  • Automated Source Finding - SAD

    Having looked at the C-field 13 Jul 2010 Release with Duchamp and encountering a few issues I thought it would be prudent to run a similar analysis with the AIPS implemenation of SAD. In the Stokes I image, some 489 sources were found down to a detection threshold of 1K (as with Duchamp a numbe...

    Tags: galfacts, cfield, igalfa, sources, source finding, nvss, gb6, sad, aips

    3900 days ago