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  • Instructions for Remote Observing (**Updated for N2**)

    ...een. In order to let others in the GALFACTS or TOGS2 teams see what& email to anyone in the TOGS2 or GALFACTS group who wish to join you...enter password, naic305m) ssh -i galfa key galfa@galfa1 – you...n the Control Room (located in the GALFA folder). B  Monitoring...

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  • January 2007 Project Meeting

    Presentations at GALFACTS Project Meeting, January 2007 Meeting Program...tism in extended objects by Brian Gaensler GALFACTS vs the Virtual Observatory...smic Microwave Background by Patrick Leahy GALFA-HI Survey & Science ...

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  • The GALFA-HI Survey: Data Release 1

    We present the Galactic Arecibo L-Band Feed Array HI (GALFA-HI) survey, and its first full data release (DR1). GALFA-HI is a high resolution (~ 4'), l...ise levels are 80 mK RMS in an integrated 1 km/s channel. GALFA-HI is a dramatic step forward...

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    We present the Galactic Arecibo L-Band Feed Array H I (GALFA-H I) survey and its first full data release (DR1). GALFA-H I is a high-resolution (~4'), 80 mK rms in an integrated 1 km s-1 channel. GALFA-H I is a dramatic step forwar...

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