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  • Galaxy Cluster Environments of Radio Sources

    Using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and the FIRST (Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty Centimeters) catalogs, we examined the optical environments around double-lobed radio sources. Previous studies have shown that multi-component radio sources exhibiting some degree of bending between ...

    Tags: fri, frii, sdss, first, double sources, extended, clusters, arxiv

    4613 days ago

  • The asymmetric radio structure and record jet of giant quasar 4C34.47

    Giant double-lobed radio source 4C34.47 displays a straight one-sided jet, measuring a record length of 380kpc, in its double-lobed radio structure. Assuming an intrinsically symmetric two-sided jet structure the radio source jet axis must be at least 33 degrees away from the sky plane, that is w...

    Tags: a&a, arxiv, jet, frii

    4611 days ago

  • The evolution of the Fundamental Plane of radio galaxies from z~0.5 to the present day

    We present deep spectroscopic data for a 24-object subsample of our full 41-object z~0.5 radio galaxy sample in order to investigate the evolution of the Fundamental Plane of radio galaxies. We find that the low-luminosity, FRI-type, radio galaxies in our sample are consistent with the local Fund...

    Tags: fri, frii, fundamental plane

    4606 days ago