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  • S0206+330 beam images

    MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM0_0150_1949_QIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM0_0150_1949_UIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM0_0150_19...1_0150_1949_QIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM1_0150_19...2_0150_1949_QIpeak_image_leak.fits MOCK_S0206+330_BEAM2_0150_19...

    4591 days ago

  • 12 January 2011

    ...listscan log file (input for gvfits) gvfits log file Importing the been 545 MHz. Flagging Used viewer to look at the measurement...the antenna number displayed in viewer +1.  So if the viewer sa...y. Click on an image to view the fits files directly. The...

    4453 days ago

  • Automated Source Finding - Duchamp

    Here are some initial results of automated source finding with the GALFACTS dataset. The Duchamp source finding s...kes I image over 700 channels (1481.374048-1510.774048 MHz) for all pixels (the FITS f...

    4614 days ago

  • Instructions for Remote Observing (**Updated for N2**)

    Remote A2130 Observing  (Comm...p;     vncviewer -shared -via username@remote....quo;Chicken of the VNC” viewer installed on your machine. point you should have a vncviewer screen containing one take data. In a second vncviewer xterm, log onto dataview as g...

    3709 days ago