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  • Composite Antennas for Radio Telescopes

    To achieve the immense collecting area of the Square Kilometre Array requires a new parad...anufacture of radio frequency antenna systems. At the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics Dominion Radio Astrophysical...

    4248 days ago

  • GALFACTS /POSSUM Meeting - August 2010

    Presentations at the GALFACTS/POSSUM Meeting, 17-20 August 2010 Day 1:  GALFACTS Technical Reports and Discussion...Jeroen Stil Polarization Stacking and Source Counts - Sam George Diffuse Extragalacti...

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  • Hydrogen 21-cm Intensity Mapping at redshift 0.8

    Observations of 21-cm radio emission by neutral hydrogen at redshifts z ~ 0.5 to ~ 2.5 are expected to provide a sensitive probe of cosmic dark energy. This is particularly true around the onset of acceleration at z ~ 1, where traditional optical cosmology becomes very difficult because of the in...

    Tags: nature, cosmology, extragalactic astrophysics, 21cm, radio, hydrogen

    4117 days ago

  • PyMorph: Automated Galaxy Structural Parameter Estimation using Python

    We present a new software pipeline -- PyMorph -- for automated estimation of structural parameters of galaxies. Both parametric fits through a two dimensional bulge disk decomposition as well as structural parameter measurements like concentration, asymmetry etc. are supported. The pipeline is de...

    Tags: python, galaxies, mnras, arxiv, extragalactic astrophysics, methods

    4110 days ago

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