A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

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  • SKA Calim 2011 - Day 1

    ...cluster called EPIC ~88 on top 500. 100 TFLOPS. There is a calibration database that is passed to the main pi...n (not something we can do in real time). Calibration data - keep in a database and use the latest calibratio...

    3268 days ago

  • SKA Calim 2011 - Day 3

    ...nos Labropoulos) - motivation: epoch of reionization - need to get better sensitivity - look at same field for 100 nights. Have a diagnostic database that contains metadata about...

    3269 days ago

  • ADASS 2011 - Day 2

    ...domain specific concepts - it characterizes a family of datasets, it is an instance of a met-model, possibly a theory. examples; the schema of a database.A data format has no associat...

    3165 days ago