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  • Preliminary GALFACTS data is now available. Registered GALFACTS members can access the data here -

    4165 days ago

  • the data is noisy.

    4158 days ago

  • hunting for sources in simulated data...

    3929 days ago

  • is producing a bunch of RMs from the GALFACTS data...

    3919 days ago

  • making an RM cube of half of the N1 data...

    3878 days ago

  • is calibrating the GALFACTS data.... hopefully it will all be done by morning.

    4144 days ago

  • making lots of rotation measures of the GALFACTS data...

    3897 days ago

  • some cool online data processing - - the solar community do really have some nice tools.

    4217 days ago

  • The 3C391 data reduction tutorial I found useful along with the follow-up polarization imaging

    4192 days ago

  • extracting the calibration plots for the MOCK calibration data... looking good so far

    4122 days ago