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  • Science During the GALFACTS DQA Period

    ...ommittee. Early Science Initial data releases from the GALFACTS data processing pipeline will unde...rocessing and quality analysis before the data are ready for unconditional r...least one member of the Technical Team or Data Quality Analysis team as a co...

    3535 days ago

  • GALFACTS /POSSUM Meeting - August 2010

    ...r Overview and Status of GMIM - Maik Wolleben Data Management and Computing - Ch...ction and Rejection - Mircea Andrecut GALFACTS Data Processing Pipeline - Sukhpre...: Peering below the Confusion Limit in GALFACTS Data - Damon Farnsworth SNR and P...

    3818 days ago

  • Media Centre

    ...ews Release August 16, 2011 - Bid to star in Square Kilometre Array big data challenge - Australian IT Ja...Documentation: CyberSKA High Level Architecture v1.1: [PDF] CyberSKA Data Managment Architecture v1.0:...

    4014 days ago

  • Science Meeting

    ...Lazio The Square Kilometre Array: Massive Data Challenges at the Frontiers o...Justin Jonas Constraining the MeerKAT data challenge Ray Norris...y Binaries Jasper Horrell MeerKAT Data Processing Rhys Newm...

    4212 days ago

  • 12 January 2011

    ...t for gvfits) gvfits log file Importing the data Read the uv fits file create...rtgmrt and specified the flag file, 100% of the data was flagged.   impo...analysis. Warning.  When manual flagging data using flagdata note that the...

    4396 days ago

  • Publication Policy

    ...cument that has been derived from GALFACTS data before public release (i.e. r...oduce a publication commence while the GALFACTS data or information was not in in the paper a reference to the GALFACTS data paper: To be provided....

    1722 days ago

  • Multi-Dimensional Filtering

    ...l coupling of the phase array antenna elements (MC). By designing fast and efficient 3-dimensional space time filter systems that operate on the data streams from the millions of...

    4709 days ago

  • Automated Source Finding - Duchamp

    ...d source finding with the GALFACTS dataset. The Duchamp source findi...kes Q and U are extracted from the data cube and plotted for all of here). We also average the Q/U data, averaging every 10 channels:...onverted the units of the GALFACTS dataset, but there doesn't appear...

    4557 days ago

  • Pulsar Signal Processing

    Teams at the University of British Columbia and McGill University are working on design of pulsar observing strategies and the time-based data acquisition and processing techniques t...

    4708 days ago

  • Student Project Policy

    ...Project is a well-defined research project that depends on GALFACTS data, hardware, and/or software, The proposal must identify a member of either the Technical Team or Data Quality Analysis team who wil...

    3535 days ago