A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

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  • Cameron Kiddle

    About Me: Former CyberSKA Technical Coordinator (2010-2011) I am currently Senior Technical Product Manager for Calgary Scientific Inc. and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Dep...

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  • Ingrid Stairs

    About Me: ...Supervision of current and former postdocs and student, supervision of AI training for this survey, lots of observing) and pulsars with CHIME (on CyberSKA), NANOGrav, relativistic bina...

    401 days ago

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    General & Media Related Technical CyberSKA Lead PI:Russ TaylorDirector, Inst...Imaging Science, University of CyberSKA Project ManagerBob EsteBusine...

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    Twitter: Follow CyberSKA on Twitter: CyberSKA in the News: D...gary Scientific Partners with CyberSKA Project -  Calgary Scien...011. Documentation: CyberSKA High Level Architecture v1.1:...

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  • CyberSKA CANARIE NEP History (2010-2011)

    Canadian funding for CyberSKA is provided by CANARIE as part of their Network Enabled Platforms (NEP-2) program. This page will be used to keep track of the progress of the project. Note that some links on this page have restricted access. Overview The goal of this project is to create the begi...

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    1959 days ago

  • Media Centre

    Twitter: Follow CyberSKA on Twitter: CyberSKA in the News: December 2009 - Square Kilometre Array project awarded more than $2 million - UofC Faculty of Science Announcment July 6, 2011 - Canada plays critical role in world's largest scientific initiative - C...

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    3366 days ago

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