A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

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  • Cameron Kiddle

    About Me: Former CyberSKA Technical Coordinator (2010-2011) I am currently Senior Technical Product Manager for Calgary Scientific Inc. and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Dep...

    2028 days ago

  • Ingrid Stairs

    About Me: ...Supervision of current and former postdocs and student, supervision of AI training for this survey, lots of observing) and pulsars with CHIME (on CyberSKA), NANOGrav, relativistic bina...

    883 days ago

  • Victoria Kaspi

    About Me: ...proposal for PALFA processing and data product storage. Interface with CyberSKA app development via Sequence....CC: PI of Compute Canada proposal for GBNCC processing.  Management of CyberSKA site development, interface w...

    199 days ago

  • Shannon Jaeger

    About Me: I'm a software developer extrondinaire, that's worked at the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre, on the ALMA project, as well as the CyberSKA website.   I know use my skills outside of the astronomy field.

    800 days ago

  • Olivier Eymere

    About Me: I am an IT Architect with IBM.  My current role on CyberSKA is to assist with defining the architecture and to help deliver the product.

    3672 days ago

  • Demo User

    About Me: User for demonstrating the CyberSKA portalInstitution: CyberSKA

    3506 days ago