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  • Hydrogen 21-cm Intensity Mapping at redshift 0.8

    Observations of 21-cm radio emission by neutral hydrogen at redshifts z ~ 0.5 to ~ 2.5 are expected to provide a sensitive probe of cosmic dark energy. This is particularly true around the onset of acceleration at z ~ 1, where traditional optical cosmology becomes very difficult because of the in...

    Tags: nature, cosmology, extragalactic astrophysics, 21cm, radio, hydrogen

    4631 days ago

  • A GBT Survey for HI 21 cm Absorption in the Disks and Halos of Low-Redshift Galaxies

    We present an HI 21 cm absorption survey with the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) of galaxy-quasar pairs selected by combining data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and the Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-Centimeters (FIRST) survey. Our sample consists of 23 sightlines through 15 low-r...

    Tags: cosmology, extragalactic, vla, gbt, lyman, arxiv, sdss

    4629 days ago

  • CfunBASE: A Cosmological Functions Library for Astronomical Databases

    CfunBASE is a customizable C# cosmological functions library in the .NET framework. Its primary use is in CasJobs/SkyServer, where the functions are ported into a MS-SQL Server database hosting the SDSS science archive, and can be executed through simple T-SQL commands. This gives cloud-computing...

    Tags: cosmology, functions, library, databases, casjobs, skyserver, sql, c#, ms-sql, cluster, histograms

    4625 days ago

  • Probing the first galaxies with the SKA

    Observations of anisotropies in the brightness temperature of the 21 cm line of neutral hydrogen from the period before reionization would shed light on the dawn of the first stars and galaxies. In this paper, we use large-scale semi-numerical simulations to analyse the imprint on the 21 cm signa...

    Tags: cosmology, extragalactic astrophysics, arxiv, ska, galaxies

    4583 days ago