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  • Science Meeting

    ...nd the impact of SKA pathfinder continuum surveys Ken Chambers PanS...nce with LSST and other optical surveys Nathan Clarke C...van der Heyden The MeerKAT Continuum Survey David R. Th...Aaron Berndsen Pulsar surveys with interferometers: Techniq...

    3837 days ago

  • January 2007 Project Meeting

    Presentations at GALFACTS Project Meeting, January 2007 Meeting Program Global Structure of the Galactic Magnetic Field by Jo-Anne Brown Large-Scale Structure...

    4208 days ago



  • SKA Calim 2011 - Day 2

    Square Kilometre Calibration Meeting 2011 at the University of Manchester, UK. Day 2 Ne...ansients? Either way this can make a mess of your continuum map. Direction-dependent ASKAP. Data volume: spectral line ~ baseline; continu...

    3829 days ago

  • ADASS 2011 - Day 3

    Knowledge discovery (KD) work flows in astronomyKD is used in many different fields, social sciences, security, finance, life science, google...Survey based and driven...

    3723 days ago





  • Comment on "MIGHTEE expression of interest."

    ...;These projects are best suited to large area surveys, because groups and clusters ar...lio Pannella is generally interested in radio continuum studies of AGN and star for...i-wavelength tools (cross-matching to optical surveys, SED fitting for redshifts, s...

    1316 days ago