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  • Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC)

    Main page to the CADC

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  • Astronomy Picture of the Day

    Pretty pictures  -- oohh aahh

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  • AstroShare

    Welcome to this wiki. What is it, and why is it here? Many of you will have been at the Marseille SPIE 2008 Software Conference (within Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation), or at ADASS 2008 in Quebec. At SPIE a paper [1] introduced the subject of sharing within the Astronomy Softwa...

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  • ASCOT (AStronomical COllaboration Toolkit)

    Gadgets and widgets have become popular in social networking (e.g. iGoogle, Facebook). They provide a simple way to customize your view of data and analysis tools. In ASCOT (an AStronomical COllaborative Toolkit) we provide a framework for using gadgets in Astronomy. Unlike iGoogle, where all of ...

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  • .astronomy

    As taken from the .astronomy website - "Networking and sharing ideas has never been so easy. Astronomers are using the internet to distribute, access and analyse data. The tools that make this possible are being created and developed all over the world – at home, in businesses and at univer...

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