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  • Spectral Energy Distributions of 6.7 GHz methanol masers

    The 6.7 GHz maser transition of methanol has been found exclusively towards massive star forming regions. A majority of the masers have been found to lack the presence of any associated radio continuum. This could be due to the maser emission originating prior to the formation of an HII region ar...

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    4626 days ago

  • FERO: Finding Extreme Relativistic Objects. I. Statistics of Relativistic Fe Kalpha lines in Radio-Quiet Type 1 AGN

    Accretion models predict that fluorescence lines broadened by relativistic effects should arise from reflection of X-ray emission onto the inner region of the accretion disc surrounding the central black hole of active galactic nuclei (AGN). The theory behind the origin of relativistic lines is w...

    Tags: high energy astrophysical phenomena, xray, agn, xmm, radio, arxiv, a&a

    4625 days ago

  • Rotation Measures of Radio Sources in Hot Galaxy Clusters

    The goal of this work is to investigate the Faraday rotation measure (RM) of radio galaxies in hot galaxy clusters in order to establish a possible connection between the magnetic field strength and the gas temperature of the intracluster medium. We performed Very Large Array observations at 3.6 ...

    Tags: arxiv, a&a, extragalactic astrophysics, rm, rotation measure

    4623 days ago

  • The asymmetric radio structure and record jet of giant quasar 4C34.47

    Giant double-lobed radio source 4C34.47 displays a straight one-sided jet, measuring a record length of 380kpc, in its double-lobed radio structure. Assuming an intrinsically symmetric two-sided jet structure the radio source jet axis must be at least 33 degrees away from the sky plane, that is w...

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    4611 days ago

  • Magnetic field measurements and wind-line variability of OB-type stars

    The first magnetic fields in O- and B-type stars that do not belong to the Bp-star class, have been discovered. The cyclic UV wind-line variability, which has been observed in a significant fraction of early-type stars, is likely to be related to such magnetic fields. Aims. We attempt to improve ...

    Tags: solar and stellar astrophysics, arxiv, a&a, ob, b, o9v

    4596 days ago

  • Modelling the radio pulses of an ultracool dwarf

    Recently unanticipated magnetic activity in ultracool dwarfs (UCDs, spectral classes later than M7) have emerged from a number of radio observations. The highly (up to 100%) circularly polarized nature and high brightness temperature of the emission has been interpreted as an effective amplificat...

    Tags: arxiv, a&a, solar and stellar astrophysics, ucds, brown dwards, tvlm513, xray, radio

    4582 days ago