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  • Trumpeting the Vuvuzela: UltraDeep HI observations with MeerKAT

    The MeerKAT UltraDeep HI Survey aims to observe the 21 cm emission line of neutral hydrogen gas out to a redshift of z=1 and beyond. From both direct detections and stacked signal, we will address the HI mass function, the cosmic neutral gas density of the Universe (Omega_HI) and their evolution ...

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    3060 days ago

  • MeerKATatFAST.pptx

    Presentation on GALFACTS and MeerKAT given at FAST site during the SA visit to China 

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    1112 days ago

  • MeerKAT_Update.pptx

    MeerKAT update presentation given by Russ Taylor at the MIGHTEE project meeting in Oxford, September 2017.

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    309 days ago

  • Straw man MIGHTEE Observing Plan

    The MIGHTEE observing plan consists of two-tiers. A mid-tier and a deep-tier.  Deep-tier The deep tier will be done commensally with the LADUMA project (deep HI emission).  LADUMA will observe one primary beam of MeerKAT for 5000 hours, with the time distributed over two bands: L-band...

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    309 days ago