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Low-frequency GMRT observations of the magnetic Bp star HR Lup (HD 133880)

  • university of birmingham, b15 2tt

Samuel George

Ian Stevens




Year: 2012

Volume: 40

Pages: 7


We present radio observations of the magnetic chemically peculiar Bp star HR Lup (HD 133880) at 647 and 277 MHz with the GMRT. At both frequencies the source is not detected but we are able to determine upper limits to the emission. The 647 MHz limits are particularly useful, with a 5\sigma\ value of 0.45 mJy. Also, no large enhancements of the emission were seen. The non-detections, along with previously published higher frequency detections, provide evidence that an optically thick gyrosynchrotron model is the correct mechanism for the radio emission of HR Lup.