A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

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  • David Aikema 2467 days ago

    Hi Brent,

    Our hosting provider for CyberSKA had experienced some problems over the weekend and it seems as though these problems may have reasserted themselves. Working on this now.

  • Jason van Aardt 2629 days ago

    Thank you, it's, may I ask if you might be able to share a link to the CSP consortium docushare you mentioned?

  • Michael Keith 3055 days ago

    Profile sufficiently filled?

  • Russ Taylor 3075 days ago

    Hi Brent,

    Just saw your comment in the help area. Dont know if you have solved this yet, but to add an administrator go to view members and when you roll over the icon for a certain member these is drop down menu which has option to add the member as an administrator.

  • Ralph Webber 3154 days ago

    Hi Brent, I have created my cyberska profile. Ralph

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