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MIGHTEE Consortium Policy

Last updated 1009 days ago by Matt Jarvis

This policy will be periodically reviewed and revised by the MIGHTEE Management Committee, according to changes in project conditions. If users of this policy identify issues relevant to this policy, but not explicitly covered by this policy, these issues can be raised in writing to the MIGHTEE co-PIs.

MIGHTEE Publications

  1. A MIGHTEE Publication is defined as any journal/proceedings paper, popular article, or other publicly available document that has been derived from MIGHTEE data before public release (i.e. released to the public domain), or algorithms, software or hardware associated with MIGHTEE, and in cases where these results have not been previously published elsewhere. 
  2. If the tasks required to produce a publication commence while the MIGHTEE data or information was not in the public domain, then that publication will be considered a MIGHTEE Publication even if the publication is not completed until after these data or information have been released into the public domain.
  3. MIGHTEE consortium members are encouraged to adhere to these policies beyond the proprietary period, to ensure that the key people that deliver the data continue to be rewarded authorship for their efforts. 
Principal Contact
  1. All MIGHTEE Publications must have an identifed Principal Contact for the publication. The Principal Contact will normally be the lead of the science project resulting in the publication, and must be a member of the MIGHTEE collaboration.
  2. For publications from student projects, the principal contact will be the student's supervisor.

Author list

  1. The Principal Contact must distribute an outline of a proposed Publication to the relevant MIGHTEE Working Group Chairs and the Co-PIs  (via email) including a proposed list of authors and author ordering
  2. Any individuals who are identified as "Builders" by the MIGHTEE Co-PIs must be included as authors on the publication, unless a Builder specifically notifies the Principal Contact that he/she wishes to opt out of authorship. Builders should normally be listed at the end of the core author list, in alphabetical order by surname.
  3. Any other members of the relevant MIGHTEE working group, who are not on the proposed author list may request authorship on a MIGHTEE Publication. Such a request must be made to the Principal Contact no later than one week after a proposed publication is circulated  and must be accompanied by a justification. The Principal Contact must respond to such requests within one week of receipt.
  4. If the Principal Contact includes in the author list of the Publication any person who is not a member of the MIGHTEE Consortium, the Principal Contact must seek permission from the MIGHTEE co-PIs for this person to be included as an author on the Publication. This request must be made before the Publication is circulated for Collaboration Review.  The co-PIs must respond to such requests as soon as possible and no later than two weeks after receipt.

Review and submission of Publications

  1. Collaboration Review: Once the Publication is ready for submission/completion, he/she must contact the relevant MIGHTEE working group (via email), announcing that the Publication is ready for "Collaboration Review",  providing a link to the MIGHTEE wiki from which the Publication can be viewed or downloaded.  Individual members of the MIGHTEE working group, whether authors on the paper or not, will be given a minimum of two weeks to raise any issues they may have about the publication and to work with the Principal Contact, the Working Group Chairs and/or the MIGHTEE Co-PIs, if necessary, to resolve these issues.
  2. The revised manuscript will be posted to the wiki for further comments along with an email to the collaboration, giving a minimum of one week for any further comments.
  3. Submission: Following Collaboration review the manuscript may be submitted for publication after approval by the relevant WG chairs and one o fthe co-PIs. 
  4. On receiving a referee's report, the Principal Contact must notify the coauthors immediately, and lead the response to the referee. Berore resubmission the revised manuscript and accompanying response must be uploaded to the wiki and coauthors notified 1 week prior to resubmission.
  5. Public Dissemination: MIGHTEE collaboration members are encouraged to make Publications publicly available when appropriate (e.g., through the arXiv preprint server). In general, refereed Publications should not be made public until they have been accepted for publication, unless in exceptional circumstances (e.g. external funding bid or telescope proposal deadilne for which having the paper on the archive may benefit the collaboration in general). Authors wishing to post to the archive before acceptance should seek approval from the co-PIs stating their reasons. Subject to this constraint, the Principal Contact is responsible for deciding on the timing and manner in which a Publication is disseminated to the broader community.
  6. The Principal Contact must notify the relevant Working Group Chairs and the co-PIs of MIGHTEE when a Publication is submitted and when it is accepted. The MIGHTEE project will maintain a public list of all MIGHTEE Publications on the public web site.

Rapid Publication

If the Principal Contact decides that a MIGHTEE results require rapid release for publications, exceptions to the review process may be requested. The Principal Contact may make a request to the MIGHTEE co-PIs, proposing an alternative process that compresses the time-line of item while still ensuring adequate opportunity for input from the MIGHTEE collaboration members. 


Proposing for ancillary or follow-up data 

Members of the MIGHTEE collaboration are encouraged to submit proposals for other telescopes in order to maximise the scientific output of the MIGHTEE data set. However, in order for the process to be transparent and fair, any proposal must adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. The proposal must be for a project that has already been approved and led by the group for whom that approval was given and the proposal made public via the MIGHTEE wiki. Members of the relevant Working Group can ask to join the proposal, but this DOES NOT guarantee subsequent authorship on papers resulting from the observations, which will be based on the publication policy above.
  2. In the event that the project has not already been approved, permission should be sought from the relevant working group chairs and the co-PIs, specifying the intended use of the new data. This should be detailed when the request is made.
  3. The proposal for ancillary/follow-up data will be announced on the wiki at least 1 week prior to submission, and members of the relevant MIGHTEE working groups can sign up to be a co-investigator.
  4. Any ancilliary data obtained will be made available to the broader MIGHTEE collaboration for projects involving MeerKAT data. It is expected that this will be science ready data (not raw data) after the core project has been completed. If the originating group did not want to be involved they would at least be offered co-authorship on any resulting papers.  The original follow-up team will be free to pursue projects that do not require any MeerKAT data or MIGHTEE outcomes.
  5. Obtaining additional data does not mean that whole science areas will be cordoned off for the group proposing additional observations.
  6. In the event of two teams wishing to do similar work will be encouraged to join forces. The working group leads along with the co-PIs will agree the way forward in the event of any disagreements.



  1. At the appropriate place in the paper a reference to the MIGHTEE project paper: