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To cover the entire sky visible from Arecibo will require 12 GALFACTS runs, consisting of 8 main regions north and south of the Zenith and four smaller regions at the Zenith. Each run occupies slightly more than 6 hours of right ascension (including a small amount of overlap). The areas of each of the eight main regions superposed on the Bonn 1420 MHz continuum survey is shown in the figure below. Click on the image for a higher resolution view. GALFACTS observing have been completed for all main runs (N1, N2, N3, N4, S1, S2, S3 and S4), and four zenith strips (Z1, Z2, Z3,  Z4) as of 26 November 2013.


GALFACTS Main run fields projected in Galactic coordinates on the Bonn 1420 MHz Continuum survey image.

GALFACTS Field Coordinates 

Blue indicates fields for which observations have begun - click on the field name to link to observing progress summarys and logs

  Field     RA       start    
 RA      stop    
  DEC       start   
    Dec       stop  
 Observing Dates  Data in Calgary  Converted to SPEC  Stored to External On westgrid  Calibrators on Westgrid and External
 N1 01h 12m 07h 11m +19d 42m +37d 20m November-December 2008  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 N2 07h 00m 13h 10m +19d 42m +37d 20m January-March 2013  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
 N3 13h 00m 19h 10m +19d 42m +37d 20m May-June 2012  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes 
 N4 19h 00m 01h 20m +19d 42m +37d 20m July-November 2012  Yes   Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes 
 S1 03h 15m 09h 40m  -01d 05m +17d 07m November-January 2010  Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
 S2 09h 30m 15h 40m -01d 05m +17d 07m March-May 2011 Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes
 S3 15h 30m 21h 40m -01d 05m +17d 07m June-July 2011  Yes Yes Yes  Yes   Yes 
 S4 21h 30m 03h 25m -01d 05m +17d 07m October-December 2011  Yes Yes Yes  Yes   Yes 
 Z1 00h 00m 05h 50m +16d 40m +20d 00m October 2013 Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  NA
 Z2 05h 38m 11h 40m +16d 40m +20d 00m January 2013  Yes Yes Yes Yes  NA
 Z3  11h 30m   18h 00m   +16d 40m +20d 00m  May-June 2013 Yes Yes Yes  Yes  NA
 Z4 18h 00m 00h 10m +16d 40m +20d 00m August 2013 Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  NA
3C286 13h 00m  13h 55m  +30d 08m  +30d 53m  June 2013  Yes Yes Yes Yes  NA


The zenith strips bridge the gaps between the North fields and South fields.

Observing Logs and Quick-look Summarys for Pilot and I-GALFA observing runs


A2186 - I-GALFA Regions

GALFACTS Calibration Run Aug-Nov 2008




  • Russ Taylor 2836 days ago

    Scheduled Observations

    A2772 27 27 Dec 2014 01:00 02:15 Andrew R Taylor Chris J Salter    
    A2772 27 27 Dec 2014 03:30 04:45 Andrew R Taylor Chris J Salter    
    A2772 28 28 Dec 2014 03:30 04:45 Andrew R Taylor Chris J Salter    
    A2772 1 1 Jan 2015 18:45 20:00 Andrew R Taylor Chris J Salter    


    Start   (AST) |  LST  | Length (hr)
    Dec 27, 01:00 | 06:54 | 1.25

    Dec 27, 03:30 | 09:25 | 1.25

    Dec 28, 03:30 | 09:29 | 1.25


  • Russ Taylor 2791 days ago

    March observations

    Start   (AST) |  LST  | Length (hr)

    Mar 1, 00:30 | 10:37 | 1.75

    Mar 9, 20:00 | 06:42 | 1.25