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Publication Policy

Last updated 1556 days ago by Russ Taylor

This policy will be periodically reviewed and revised by the GALFACTS Management Committee, according to changes in project conditions. If users of this policy identify issues relevant to this policy, but not explicitly covered by this policy, these issues can be raised in writing to the Chair of the GALFACTS Management Committee, for consideration by that Committee. 

GALFACTS Publications

  1. A GALFACTS Publication is defined as any journal/proceedings paper, popular article, or other publicly available document that has been derived from GALFACTS data before public release (i.e. released to the public domain), or algorithms, software or hardware associated with GALFACTS, and in cases where these results have not been previously published elsewhere. 
  2. If the tasks required to produce a publication commence while the GALFACTS data or information was not in the public domain, then that publication will be considered a GALFACTS Publication even if the publication is not completed until after these data or information have been released into the public domain.
  3. If the tasks required to produce a publication commence after the relevant data and/or information have been released into the public domain, then that publication will not be considered a GALFACTS Publication.
Principal Contact
  1. All GALFACTS Publications must have an identifed Principal Contact for the publication. The Principal Contact will normally be the lead of the science project resulting in the publication, and must be a member of the GALFACTS Consortium.
  2. For publications from student projects, the principal contact will be the student's supervisor.
  3. The principal contact is responsible for paying or coordinating all page charges associated with a Publication.  Any division of the page charges between co-authors must be established and agreed upon before Submission.
Author list
  1. The Principal Contact must distribute an outline of a proposed Publication to the GALFACTS Consortium (via email to including a proposed list of authors and author ordering.  The GALFACTS management team will maintain a list of proposed publications with author lists.
  2. Any individuals who are identified as "Builders" by the GALFACTS Management Committee must be included on the authors on a GALFACTS Publication, unless a Builder specifically notifies the Principal Contact that he/she wishes to opt out of authorship. Builders should normally be listed at the end of the author list, in alphabetical order by surname.
  3. Any other members of the GALFACTS Consortium who are not on the proposed author list may request authorship on a GALFACTS Publication. Such a request must be made to the Principal Contact no later than one week after a proposed publication is circulated  and must be accompanied by a brief justification. The Principal Contact must respond to such requests within one week of receipt.
  4. If the Principal Contact includes in the author list of the Proposal any person who is not a member of the GALFACTS Consortium, the Principal Contact must seek permission from the GALFACTS Management Committee for this person to be included as an author on the Publication. This request must be made before the Publication is circulated for Collaboration Review.  The Management Committee must respond to such requests as soon as possible and no later than two weeks of receipt.

Review and submission of Publications

  1. Collaboration Review: Once the Principal Contact is of the opinion that a Publication is ready for submission/completion, he/she must contact the GALFACTS Consortium (via email to, announcing that the Publication is ready for "Collaboration Review", providing a link from which the Publication can be viewed or downloaded.  Individual members of the GALFACTS Consortium, whether authors on the paper or not, will be given a minimum of two weeks to raise any issues they may have about the publication and to work with the Principal Contact and the GALFACTS Management Committee, if necessary, to resolve these issues.
  2. Final Review: After all issues raised during the Collaboration Review have been resolved to the satisfaction of both the Principal Contact and the GALFACTS Management Committee, the Principal Contact must again notify the entire GALFACTS Consortium (via email to, announcing that the Publication is ready for "Final Review", and providing a link to an updated version of the Publication. Individual members of the GALFACTS Consortium, whether authors of the paper or not, must be given at one weeks to provide final comments on the Publication. It is envisaged that only clear errors in the Publication should be raised during Final Review.
  3. Submission: Following Final the manuscript may be submitted for publication.
  4. Public Dissemination: The GALFACTS Consortium encourages its members to make GALFACTS Publications publicly available when appropriate (e.g., through the arXiv preprint server). However, refereed Publications should not be made public until they have been accepted for publication. Subject to this constraint, the Principal Contact is responsible for deciding on the timing and manner in which a Publication is disseminated to the broader community.
  5. The Principal Contact must notify the Chair of the GALFACTS Management Committee when a Publication is submitted, when it is accepted, and (if applicable) when it is published. The GALFACTS Management Committee will maintain a public list of all GALFACTS Publications.

Rapid Publication

If the Principal Contact decides that a GALFACTS results require rapid release for publications, exceptions to the review process may be requested. The Principal Contact may make a request to the Chair of the GALFACTS Management Committee, proposing an alternative process that compresses the time-line of item while still ensuring adequate opportunity for input from the GALACTS Consortium members. 


  1. At the appropriate place in the paper a reference to the GALFACTS data paper: To be provided.
  2. At the end of the paper the standard GALFACTS acknowledgements. To be provided