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Student Project Policy

Last updated 3417 days ago by Russ Taylor

This policy will be periodically reviewed and revised by the GALFACTS Management Committee, according to changes in project conditions. If users of this policy identify issues relevant to this policy, but not explicitly covered by this policy, these issues can be raised in writing to the Chair of the GALFACTS Management Committee, for consideration by that Committee.

Student Projects

  1. The GALFACTS Consortium encourages participation in the GALFACTS project by undergraduate and postgraduate students.  A GALFACTS Student Project is a well-defined research project that depends on GALFACTS data, hardware, and/or software, and that will be conducted primarily by an undergraduate or postgraduate student in pursuit of his/her degree. 
  2. Proposed projects must obtain formal recognition of their research project as a GALFACTS Student Project.  The project proposal should be submitted via the student supervisor, who must be a member of the GALFACTS Consortium.
  3. A GALFACTS Student Project is reserved for the student to pursue without competition. Other members of the GALFACTS Consortium are restricted from undertaking directly overlapping research without the written approval of both the student and the student's supervisor.
  4. The progress of the student remains the responsibility of the student's supervisor.
  5. GALFACTS Student Projects are subject to all conditions and policies of the GALFACTS Consortium. 
  6. The GALFACTS Management Committee will adjudicate disputes relating to student projects or student participation and their decision will be final.

Student Project Proposals

  1. Any member of the GALFACTS Consortium who is not themselves a student can nominate a student project to be recognised as a GALFACTS Student Project.
  2. Student Project proposals must be submitted to the Student Project Registry  and a notification of submission sent to the entire GALFACTS Consortium (via email to Proposals must include a brief description of the project, the names of the project supervisor(s), the name of the student, the degree which the student is undertaking, the institute(s) with which the student is affiliated, and the likely start and finish dates for the student's participation in GALFACTS activities.
  3. The proposal must identify a member of either the Technical Team or Data Quality Analysis team who will serve as liaision with the student project. 
  4. Individual members of the GALFACTS Consortium who have concerns or disputes regarding such a nomination should communicate these issues to the Chair of the GALFACTS Management Committee within one week of receiving the notification.
  5. Within two weeks of receiving the proposal, the GALFACTS Management Committee will adjudicate on the proposal.
  6. Once a proposal is approved, the Chair of the GALFACTS Management Committee will announce this decision to the entire GALFACTS Consortium (via email to, and will retain the project in the Student Project Registry with a designation of approved. 

Terms of Student Projects

  1. GALFACTS Student Projects are valid for a term of three years beginning on the date of the approval by the GALFACTS Management Committee.
  2. At the end of the three-year term, or upon discontinuation of the project, all rights and privileges cease. 
  3. In the event that a student discontinues his/her contributions to an GALFACTS Student Project before the end of the term a notice of discontinuation must be sent by the student or by the supervisor to the Chair of the GALFACTS Management Committee. 
  4. Extensions for an unfinished project at the end of the three-year term may be granted upon request by the supervisor to the GALFACTS Management Committee.