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Science Meeting

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DAY 1 Monday July 4


Russ Taylor

Welcome to SKA2011

Joseph Lazio

The Square Kilometre Array: Massive Data Challenges at the Frontiers of Astronomy, Physics, and Astrobiology

Justin Jonas

Constraining the MeerKAT data challenge

Ray Norris

ASKAP status, and the impact of SKA pathfinder continuum surveys

Ken Chambers


Zeljko Ivezic

Enhancing SKA science with LSST and other optical surveys

Nathan Clarke

CRAFTing the SKA

Leon Koopmans

LOFAR and the Epoch-of-Reionization: Current Status and a Look at the Future

Kurt van der Heyden

The MeerKAT Continuum Survey

David R. Thompson

V-FASTR: Transient detection at the VLBA, and implications for the SKA

Patrick A. Woudt

ThunderKAT: A MeerKAT Large Survey Project on Radio Transients

Snezana Stanimirovic

From diffuse interstellar gas to star formation: key unsolved problems

Jeroen Stil

Stacking: A sneak preview into the era of bigger telescopes

Roger Deane

SKA-like effective sensitivity and spatial resolution: a lensed starburst/AGN at z=2.3



DAY 2 Tuesday July 5


Ingrid Stairs

Pulsar Timing, Gravitational Waves, and the SKA

Aaron Berndsen

Pulsar surveys with interferometers: Techniques and Challenges

Joeri van Leeuwen

Pulsar surveys with LOFAR, APERTIF and SKA

Victoria M. Kaspi

The Arecibo PALFA Survey

Crystal Brogan

Probing the Obscured Depths of Star Formation with the SKA

Erik Rosolowsky

Studying Clouds with the Cloud

Lisa Harvey-Smith

Very High Angular Resolution Science with the SKA

Sukhpreet Guram


L. I. Gurvits

Solar System exploration as a near-field application for the SKA

Cornelia Lang

Uncovering the Insterstellar Medium in the Galactic Center: Prospects for the SKA

G. R. Sivakoff

Hitting the JACPOT: Current and Future Probes of the Accretion Disk & Radio Jet Coupling of X-Ray Binaries

Jasper Horrell

MeerKAT Data Processing

Rhys Newman

theskynet: SKA citizen science with Nereus

Peter Quinn

Data Intensive Research Challenges for SKA Precursors

Cameron Kiddle

CyberSKA: A Cyberinfrastructure Framework for Radio Astronomy

Alex Szalay

Extreme Data Intensive Computing