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Engineering Industry Meeting

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Prelude Meeting (5 July): Industry Clusters

ASKAIC Fostering Global Industry Collaboration in SKA (John Humphreys)
SKA Forum 2011 - New Zealand Industry Cluster (Brett O'Riley)
Overview of the UK Industry Cluster (Nigel Rix)
Connecting Industry Science and Society SKA NL Industry Consortium (Henk Koopmans)
NASTRO: the first step towards an Italian Industry Initiative Consortium for the SKA Project (Rosario Cimmino)
Industry Partnerships in South Africa (Justin Jonas) 

Day 1 (7 July):  A Walk through the SKA System

A Walk through the SKA (Part 1) (Part 2) (Peter Dewdney, Joe Lazio)
Overview of long-term industry implications of SKA (Peter Elford, Cisco)
SKA System Engineering & Industry (Tim Stevenson)


Day 2 (8 July):  Industrial Opportunity

Industrial Experience on Large Science Projects (Ravi Marawar) 



Breakout Session Presentations:


Dish Antennas (P.Shields)
RF Electornics, A/D Converters and Antenna Arrays 
(Tony Kinghorn)

Analogue and Digital Data and Signal Transport (Gerlinde Bedoe)
Digital Signal Processing  (Peter Mathewson)
Software and High Performance Computing  (Peter Kerney)
Monitoring and Control  ('Swami' Swanubathan)

Power and Infrastructure for the SKA (David Edwards)