A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

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    License information

    Last updated 1052 days ago by David Aikema
    Elgg, DMS, and the CyberSKA image viewer are licensed under the GPL v2.0 ( The CyberSKA image viewer is built upon the PureWeb SDK, available under license from Calgary Scientific.
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    Release notes

    Last updated 1052 days ago by David Aikema
    The Elgg core was upgraded from 1.7.15 to 1.8.19, which represented a major upgrade for Elgg and included major changes to the internal Elgg API, requiring plugins created or modified for the CyberSKA platform to be updated or in some cases...
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    CyberSKA Image Viewer User Documentation

    Last updated 1490 days ago by Pavol Federl
    User documentation for CyberSKA Image Viewer There is also a screencast video of Pavol using the viewer.
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    Links to demo files

    Last updated 1491 days ago by Demo 2013
    Spectral image cube of atomic hydrogen emission in the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy. The dimensions of the cube are 3424x1824 pixels x 222 channels, or approximately 5.5GB. GALFACTS...
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    Output of SAD source finding challenge

    Last updated 1457 days ago by Russ Taylor
    AIPS SAD was run on the three challenge data images.  The run was carred out by Larry.  Due to the limit on the number of sources that can be fit, Larry split the the challenge 1 and 2 images into east and west portions and ran SAD...
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    SKA1 Key science in cosmic magnetism

    Last updated 1493 days ago by Russ Taylor Comments (7)
    Hi all,Here is a first cut at characterizing core cosmic magnetism science goals in the SKA1 era.  It is based on the submission from a few individuals over the past few days, folded in with my own thoughts.  So to some degree this...
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    Canadian SKA Industry Association Meeting - Feb 2013

    Last updated 1751 days ago by Russ Taylor
    Presentations  Morning:  SKA Update and the Canadian SKA Program Welcome  (Frank Maurer)  Big Data and Analytics at the University of Calgary (Frank Maurer) SKA Overview and update (Russ Taylor) Preconstruction RFP...
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    RFI flagging comparison between RFLAG , TFCROP in CASA and the LOFAR flagger for 610 MHz ELAIS N1...

    Last updated 1936 days ago by Preshanth Jagannathan Comments (1)
    In CASA 3.4 the old flagdata and flagdata2 tools have been replaced by the tool tflagdata. Tflagdata offers two different flagging algorithms namely tfcrop and rflag. Tfcrop is a thresholding alogrithm while Rflag is an implementation of the...
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    Server-side Data Visualization

    Last updated 2168 days ago by Arne Grimstrup
    A Web-based Tool for Remote Visualization of Large Multi-dimensional Radio Astronomy Data Sets The visualization tool provides users the ability to interactively explore large multi-dimensional radio astronomy data sets directly in the browser,...
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    SKA 2011

    Last updated 2342 days ago by Russ Taylor
     SKA2011 Presentations in pdf form can be found on the links below.   SKA Science and Frontiers of Astronomy in the Era of Massive Data Sets: The Promise and Challenge SKA 2011 Public Forum Engineering and Industry Opportunities in...