A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

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    MIGHTEE expression of interest.

    Last updated 1504 days ago by Ivan Delvecchio Comments (56)
     Dear Matt et al, I would like you to consider my interest in joining the MIGHTEE project. I am mainly involved in panchromatic (radio to X-ray) studies of large samples of AGN and star-forming galaxies. I acquired expertise in multi-band...
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    MIGHTEE Consortium Policy

    Last updated 1009 days ago by Matt Jarvis
    This policy will be periodically reviewed and revised by the MIGHTEE Management Committee, according to changes in project conditions. If users of this policy identify issues relevant to this policy, but not explicitly covered by this...
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    Straw man MIGHTEE Observing Plan

    Last updated 1819 days ago by Russ Taylor
    The MIGHTEE observing plan consists of two-tiers. A mid-tier and a deep-tier.  Deep-tier The deep tier will be done commensally with the LADUMA project (deep HI emission).  LADUMA will observe one primary beam of MeerKAT for 5000 hours,...
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    License information

    Last updated 2922 days ago by David Aikema
    Elgg, DMS, and the CyberSKA image viewer are licensed under the GPL v2.0 ( The CyberSKA image viewer is built upon the PureWeb SDK, available under license from Calgary Scientific.
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    Release notes

    Last updated 2922 days ago by David Aikema
    The Elgg core was upgraded from 1.7.15 to 1.8.19, which represented a major upgrade for Elgg and included major changes to the internal Elgg API, requiring plugins created or modified for the CyberSKA platform to be updated or in some cases...
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    CyberSKA Image Viewer User Documentation

    Last updated 3359 days ago by Pavol Federl
    User documentation for CyberSKA Image Viewer There is also a screencast video of Pavol using the viewer.
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    Links to demo files

    Last updated 3361 days ago by Demo 2013
    Spectral image cube of atomic hydrogen emission in the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy. The dimensions of the cube are 3424x1824 pixels x 222 channels, or approximately 5.5GB. GALFACTS...
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    Output of SAD source finding challenge

    Last updated 3327 days ago by Russ Taylor
    AIPS SAD was run on the three challenge data images.  The run was carred out by Larry.  Due to the limit on the number of sources that can be fit, Larry split the the challenge 1 and 2 images into east and west portions and ran SAD...
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    SKA1 Key science in cosmic magnetism

    Last updated 3362 days ago by Russ Taylor Comments (7)
    Hi all,Here is a first cut at characterizing core cosmic magnetism science goals in the SKA1 era.  It is based on the submission from a few individuals over the past few days, folded in with my own thoughts.  So to some degree this...
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    Canadian SKA Industry Association Meeting - Feb 2013

    Last updated 3621 days ago by Russ Taylor
    Presentations  Morning:  SKA Update and the Canadian SKA Program Welcome  (Frank Maurer)  Big Data and Analytics at the University of Calgary (Frank Maurer) SKA Overview and update (Russ Taylor) Preconstruction RFP...