A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

Samuel George's message board

  • Russ Taylor 2683 days ago

    Glad to hear you are on source. Two antennas out of commission?

  • Russ Taylor 2936 days ago

    Welcome back online Sam.

  • Russ Taylor 2948 days ago

    Very best of luck in Cambridge Sam. It has been a pleasure working with you. I hope our paths will continue to cross in the SKA and polarization world, and I hope you will continue your association with the GALFACTS project from Cambridge. Give my regards to Paul.

  • Shannon Jaeger 2983 days ago

    If you wish to give it a go, the error is gone but the interface isn't connected to condor yet. Early next week. You now have a data repository area though.

  • Shannon Jaeger 2984 days ago

    Hmm, Sam. You should be able to run it. I se that a request token was generated for you (I think) but an access token wasn't established. What time of day did you try? I was rearranging files at one point. In theory it should work now.

  • Shannon Jaeger 2984 days ago

    It's not ready yet Sam, early next week. However, the error you're seeing might be something more for Paolo. Currently only user's belonging to the Application Developer's group can run it. Even next week it'll be only and end-to-end test really. Soon ....

  • Russ Taylor 3126 days ago

    I didn't get a notification that you wrote on mine, although I can see it on the activity feed. I cant find a setting for notifications re the message board. I'll ask Arne.

  • Russ Taylor 3126 days ago

    Hi sam. Test message.

  • Russ Taylor 3166 days ago

    H Sam