A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

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CyberSKA Migration Testing Group

CyberSKA Migration Testing Group

Owner: Roger Curry

Group members: 7


This group is for members of the CyberSKA community who are participating in the testing of the migration of CyberSKA from the elgg 1.7 platform to the elgg 1.8 platform.

We will use this group to keep track of bugs that users identify and to gather information and feedback regarding the new system.

At this time, we are not asking for input on NEW functionality that anyone would like to see in the portal, instead we want to focus on making sure that all necessary functionality that is present in the CyberSKA portal, has been replicated and tested in the new CyberSKA portal. 

The Navigation panel below references pages that will provide you with more information. Please provide feeback in the Bugs and Missing Features pages.




Membership criteria:

At this point in time we are contacting users and inviting them to participate in the testing of the new CyberSKA portal. If you have been invited to this group, you will also have access to to the new CyberSKA portal


This group has a closed membership.