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MIGHTEE WG chair telecon

Posted 2182 days ago by Russ Taylor

When: 14:00 - 15:00, 18 Dec 2015

Venue: telconference


1. Welcome and introductions from everyone

2. Update of LSP review process and MeerKAT Science Workshop

3. Management Structure

4. Role of the working group chairs 

  • Establish teams
  • Provide key information for updating the science case
  • Define and oversee required technical studies or simulations.
  • Act as the first point of contact within the MeerKAT collaboration for the various areas

5. Planning for the MeerKAT KSP review (May 2016). Tasks and deadlines

6. Signing up to the cyberska MIGHTEE pages

7. Attendance at the MeerKAT Surveys Meeting (25-27 May 2016)

8. Next meeting



  • Russ Taylor 2180 days ago

    Notes and actions:

    1. Agreed to set up a MIGHTEE-DATA working group with initial membership Russ Taylor, Brad Frank and Ian Heywood.  This working group will work on the data plan, technical details of the observations and post-processing pipelines.   
    2. Kurt, Matt, and Russ will flesh out the strawman observing plan for comment and discussion at the next meeting. 
    3. Need to share the MeerKAT roll-out document with HI project. Sarah will do this.  Matt will coordinate a response from MIGHTEE to the MeerKAT project on the roll-out plan. Will call on people for help.  Ian will investigate sensitivity impact of weighting for higher resolution.
    4. Russ will invite WG chairs to join cyberSKA and and MIGHTEE group portal.
    5. We will plan to meet once per month.  Next meeting in January.  Russ will set up a doodle.
    6. Matt, Russ and Kurt to draft the structure of the updated project plan to be submitted for the LSP review. We will discuss assigment of work for the content at the January meeting.
    7. We agreed that the MIGHTEE project will be open to new members, but new members should identify proposed contribution and role.  New members to be nominated by WG chairs to the management team for approval.