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First results from 18-22cm VLBA polarisation observations of the MOJAVE-I AGNs

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By Samuel George 4004 days ago

We are in the process of obtaining VLBA polarisation data for the 135 MOJAVE-I Active Galactic Nuclei at four wavelengths in the 18-22cm band. These observations will enable studies of the evolution of the intensity and magnetic-field structures of these AGN jets as they propagate from parsec to kiloparsec scales, as well as studies of the thermal plasma present in the vicinity of the jets on these scales, manifest via Faraday rotation. A wide range of other multi-wavelength studies can also be carried out using these data. Preliminary results for selected sources from the first 3 of 9 observing sessions will be presented. We aim to have 18-cm intensity and polarisation images available via the MOJAVE website within 18 months after the last observing session.