A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

ASCOT (AStronomical COllaboration Toolkit)

Gadgets and widgets have become popular in social networking (e.g. iGoogle, Facebook). They provide a simple way to customize your view of data and analysis tools. In ASCOT (an AStronomical COllaborative Toolkit) we provide a framework for using gadgets in Astronomy. Unlike iGoogle, where all of the widgets are independent, our science tools can communicate with each other. This interactive framework can be customized to however you want to see the sky. To try ASCOT you can use this demo page and play with our astrometry Flickr demo.


  • Samuel George 4245 days ago

    the tool that they take the data from the flickr pool is rather useful - I've used it on a large number of images I've taken with optical telescopes and always seems to do a good job.

  • Cameron Kiddle 4245 days ago

    We should probably check into seeing how easy it would be to integrate any of their widgets in CyberSKA for use on a user's dashboard.