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Welcome to this wiki. What is it, and why is it here? Many of you will have been at the Marseille SPIE 2008 Software Conference (within Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation), or at ADASS 2008 in Quebec. At SPIE a paper [1] introduced the subject of sharing within the Astronomy Software community, and this paper was followed by a very successful and lively open discussion on the subject. At ADASS a second, essentially independent, paper [2] tackled the similar topic of "communication" within the community. The essential theme of both papers, and the discussion, is that as a community we are not doing what we could to share. These two papers follow a first work presented at ICALEPCS in 2007 [3] that has analyzed the current trends in software for astronomy projects and identified areas for potential collaboration. As projects, teams and individuals we are often tackling the same or similar problems, but we are not learning from each other, nor sharing ideas, as well as we could, and certainly not sharing as much code as we would like (with a few excellent and very honourable exceptions). We are sure that we can do very much better - we would like to see an active astronomical software community.

This wiki is the first output of this initiative. What is its purpose? Well, we see it as a place where everyone who creates (or uses!) astronomical software can share their knowledge, experiences and thoughts. Just that. What you will see here will change and evolve over time - at least that is our hope - but if you are an early visitor you will find an initial structure in place that divides astronomical software into a number of domains. We have seeded some of these with our own first thoughts. But this is meant to be a community wiki. Please contribute your own experience and thoughts. Note that there is also a general discussion area, intended to discuss what we should do - to evolve this wiki, and to create more opportunities for sharing.

This is your wiki. Please use it.

[1] Chiozzi G., Bridger A., Gillies K., Goodrich B., Johnson J., McCann K., Schumacher G. and Wampler S., "Enabling technologies and constraints for software sharing in large astronomy projects", in Proc. SPIE, 7019-0Y (SPIE2008-7019-35.pdf)
[2] Shortridge, K., "Talking amongst ourselves - communication in the astronomical software community" ADASS 2008, in press. (Here in astro-ph)
[3] Chiozzi G., Gillies K., Goodrich B., Johnson J., McCann K., Schumacher G., Silva D., Wallander A., Wampler S., "Trends in Software for Large Astronomy Projects, in Proc of ICALEPCS'2007, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, October 2007 (ICALEPCS2007-MOAB03.pdf)